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 Schools near Veterans Memorial Hospital, Ohio (OH)  

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92 schools found within 15 air miles of Veterans Memorial Hospital, OH
Note: Only the closest 30 schools are displayed on map.

Adams School (historical) -- Meigs County (OH)
Addaville Elementary School -- Gallia County (OH)
Alexander Elementary School -- Athens County (OH)
Alexander High School -- Athens County (OH)
Alexander Junior High School -- Athens County (OH)
Avalanche School (historical) -- Mason County (WV)
Barton School (historical) -- Gallia County (OH)
Bearwallow School -- Mason County (WV)
Bedford Elementary School -- Meigs County (OH)
Bidwell-Porter Elementary School -- Gallia County (OH)
Bigley School (historical) -- Meigs County (OH)
Bradbury Elementary School -- Meigs County (OH)
Broad Creek School (historical) -- Mason County (WV)
Broad Run School -- Mason County (WV)
Brown School (historical) -- Jackson County (WV)
Buzzard School (historical) -- Meigs County (OH)
Carthage-Troy High School -- Athens County (OH)
Cedar Run School (historical) -- Jackson County (WV)
Central Elementary School -- Mason County (WV)
Central School -- Mason County (WV)
Cheshire High School (historical) -- Gallia County (OH)
Cheshire-Kyger Elementary School -- Gallia County (OH)
Chester Academy (historical) -- Meigs County (OH)
Chester Elementary School -- Meigs County (OH)
Chestnut Ridge School (historical) -- Meigs County (OH)
Clarks School (historical) -- Gallia County (OH)
Clenicus School (historical) -- Meigs County (OH)
Columbia Elementary School -- Meigs County (OH)
Cottageville Elementary School -- Jackson County (WV)
East Letart School (historical) -- Meigs County (OH)
Eastern High School -- Meigs County (OH)
Evans Elementary School -- Jackson County (WV)
Excelsior School (historical) -- Mason County (WV)
Fairview School (historical) -- Mason County (WV)
Fairview School (historical) -- Meigs County (OH)
Fairview School (historical) -- Jackson County (WV)
Franklin D Roosevelt School -- Mason County (WV)
Gallipolis State Institute -- Gallia County (OH)
Gill School (historical) -- Mason County (WV)
Harrisonville Elementary School -- Meigs County (OH)
Hartford Elementary School -- Mason County (WV)
Heritage Christian Academy -- Jackson County (WV)
Hiland School (historical) -- Meigs County (OH)
Hopedale School (historical) -- Meigs County (OH)
Howell School (historical) -- Mason County (WV)
Huff School (historical) -- Mason County (WV)
Jasper Hill School (historical) -- Athens County (OH)
Kanauga School -- Gallia County (OH)
Kyger Creek High School -- Gallia County (OH)
Letart Falls Elementary School -- Meigs County (OH)
Lick Run School (historical) -- Jackson County (WV)
Little Forest School (historical) -- Mason County (WV)
Lone Oak School (historical) -- Jackson County (WV)
Lonepine School (historical) -- Jackson County (WV)
Mason Elementary School -- Mason County (WV)
Meigs Elementary School -- Meigs County (OH)
Meigs High School -- Meigs County (OH)
Middleport Elementary School -- Meigs County (OH)
Mission Ridge School (historical) -- Mason County (WV)
Mount Moriah School (historical) -- Meigs County (OH)
New Haven Elementary School -- Mason County (WV)
North Gallia High School -- Gallia County (OH)
Oak Grove School (historical) -- Meigs County (OH)
Oakgrove School (historical) -- Mason County (WV)
Olive-Orange Township School -- Meigs County (OH)
Ordnance School -- Mason County (WV)
Point Pleasant High School -- Mason County (WV)
Point Pleasant Junior High School -- Mason County (WV)
Pomeroy Elementary School -- Meigs County (OH)
Pomeroy High School (historical) -- Meigs County (OH)
Portland Elementary School -- Meigs County (OH)
Racine Elementary School -- Meigs County (OH)
Rainbow Ridge School (historical) -- Meigs County (OH)
Red Brush School -- Meigs County (OH)
Roanoke School (historical) -- Mason County (WV)
Rutland Elementary School -- Meigs County (OH)
Rutland High School -- Meigs County (OH)
Salem Center Elementary School -- Meigs County (OH)
Salisbury Elementary School -- Meigs County (OH)
Scipio High School (historical) -- Meigs County (OH)
Seldom Seen School (historical) -- Vinton County (OH)
Southern Elementary School -- Meigs County (OH)
Southern Local High School -- Meigs County (OH)
Sugar Run Elementary School -- Meigs County (OH)
Syracuse Elementary School -- Meigs County (OH)
Thomas School (historical) -- Mason County (WV)
Wahama High School -- Mason County (WV)
Walnut Grove School (historical) -- Jackson County (WV)
West Columbia Elementary School -- Mason County (WV)
West Virginia University Experimental Station -- Mason County (WV)
Whiteoak School (historical) -- Gallia County (OH)
Williams School (historical) -- Meigs County (OH)

The current map displays schools found near Veterans Memorial Hospital. OH. A school is defined as follows:
Building or group of buildings used as an institution for study, teaching, and learning (academy, college, high school, university).

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