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 Schools near Monongah Middle School, West Virginia (WV)  

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292 schools found within 15 air miles of Monongah Middle School, WV
Note: Only the closest 30 schools are displayed on map.

Adamston Elementary School -- Harrison County (WV)
Allen School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Altavista School -- Harrison County (WV)
Anmoore Public School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Ann Run School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Apostolic Christian Academy -- Marion County (WV)
Arnettsville School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Bakers Ridge School (historical) -- Monongalia County (WV)
Barnes Junior High School -- Marion County (WV)
Barnes School -- Taylor County (WV)
Barrackville Elementary-Middle School -- Marion County (WV)
Bartlett School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Baxter School -- Marion County (WV)
Berkeley School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Bethel School -- Marion County (WV)
Bethel School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Bice School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Blackshear Elementary School -- Marion County (WV)
Blueville Grade School -- Taylor County (WV)
Bridgeport High School -- Harrison County (WV)
Bridgeport Junior High School -- Harrison County (WV)
Brittain School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Broadway Elementary School -- Harrison County (WV)
Brummage School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Buck Run School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Burton Elementary School (historical) -- Wetzel County (WV)
Butcher Public School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Caldwell School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Calvary Christian School -- Marion County (WV)
Captain Booth School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Carder School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Carney School (historical) -- Wetzel County (WV)
Caryle School -- Harrison County (WV)
Cass District Junior High School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Cassville Junior High School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Catfish School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Central Elementary School -- Marion County (WV)
Central Junior High School -- Harrison County (WV)
Central Junior High School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Central School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Chieftain School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Clarksburg Center Branch Campus Fairmont State College -- Harrison County (WV)
Clarksburg-Notre Dame High School -- Harrison County (WV)
Coal Lick School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Coal Lick School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Coburn School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Colfax Elementary School -- Marion County (WV)
Coons Run School -- Marion County (WV)
Corbin School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Crooked Run School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Crossroads School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Cunningham School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Custer School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Davis Ridge School -- Marion County (WV)
Davis School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Daybrook Elementary School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Daybrook High School (historical) -- Monongalia County (WV)
Dean Schoolhouse (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Dent School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Despard Junior High School -- Harrison County (WV)
District High School -- Harrison County (WV)
Dollie Spring School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Dorsey School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Douglas Run School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Dudley Fork School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Dunbar Middle School -- Marion County (WV)
Duncan School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
East End School -- Taylor County (WV)
East Fairmont High School -- Marion County (WV)
East Park School -- Marion County (WV)
East Run School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
East Side High School -- Marion County (WV)
Eastview Public School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Efaw School (historical) -- Monongalia County (WV)
Elliott School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Esler School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Evansdale Elementary School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Fairmont High School -- Marion County (WV)
Fairmont State University -- Marion County (WV)
Fairview Elementary School -- Marion County (WV)
Farin School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Faris School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Fifth Ward School -- Marion County (WV)
First Ward Elementary School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Flag Run School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Flagg Run School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Flat Run School -- Marion County (WV)
Flat Run School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Flatts School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Fleming School -- Marion County (WV)
Flemington Elementary School -- Taylor County (WV)
Forksburg School -- Marion County (WV)
Frissbang School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Furbee School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Gabe Fork School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Garrett School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Glade School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Glady Creek School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Glover Gap School -- Marion County (WV)
Goodwin School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Goose Creek School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Gore Junior High School -- Harrison County (WV)
Gore School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Gore School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Grafton High School -- Taylor County (WV)
Grafton Middle School -- Taylor County (WV)
Grangeville School -- Marion County (WV)
Grant School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Granville School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Grassy Run School -- Marion County (WV)
Gregory Run School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Hammond School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Hannah School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Harbert School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Harmony Grove School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Harter Hill School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Hartman School -- Harrison County (WV)
Haymond School -- Taylor County (WV)
Henderson School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Hepzibah Elementary School -- Taylor County (WV)
Hess School -- Marion County (WV)
Hickman Run School -- Marion County (WV)
Hill School -- Marion County (WV)
Hopewell School -- Marion County (WV)
Horner Run School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Huey Run School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Iron Spring School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Isaac Creek School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Jakes Run School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Jayenne School -- Marion County (WV)
Johnson Elementary School -- Harrison County (WV)
Johnson School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Jones School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Keener School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Kelly Miller School -- Harrison County (WV)
Kincaid School (historical) -- Monongalia County (WV)
Kingmont Elementary School -- Marion County (WV)
Knottsville School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Lake School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Laurel Point School (historical) -- Monongalia County (WV)
Laurel Run School -- Harrison County (WV)
Layman School -- Marion County (WV)
Lee Ward School -- Taylor County (WV)
Liberty High School -- Harrison County (WV)
Lick Run School (historical) -- Barbour County (WV)
Linden School -- Harrison County (WV)
Little Dents Run School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Little Elk School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Llewellyn Run School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Long Run School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Lowe School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Lower Cunningham Run School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Lower Davisson Run School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Lower Glade School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Lower Plum Run School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Lucretia School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Lumberport Elementary School -- Harrison County (WV)
Lumberport Junior High School -- Harrison County (WV)
Lynn School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Mahan School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Mannington Middle School -- Marion County (WV)
McConkey School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Meadland School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Meadowdale School -- Marion County (WV)
Metz School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Middleville School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Miller School -- Marion County (WV)
Miner School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Mod Run School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Monongah Elementary School -- Marion County (WV)
Monongah Middle School -- Marion County (WV)
Monongalia Academy (historical) -- Monongalia County (WV)
Monticella Public School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Moran School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Morgan Heights School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Morgan School -- Harrison County (WV)
Morgantown Female Institute (historical) -- Monongalia County (WV)
Morgantown Senior High School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Moss Run School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Mount Airy School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Mount Clair School -- Marion County (WV)
Mount Nebo School -- Marion County (WV)
Mudlick School -- Marion County (WV)
Murray School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
National Grade School -- Monongalia County (WV)
National Training School for Boys -- Monongalia County (WV)
Nixon School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Nolan Run School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
North Marion High School -- Marion County (WV)
North View School -- Harrison County (WV)
Norwood Elementary School -- Harrison County (WV)
Nutter Fort Elementary School -- Harrison County (WV)
Park View School -- Taylor County (WV)
Pawpaw School (historical) -- Monongalia County (WV)
Pharaoh Run School -- Marion County (WV)
Phillips School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Pierpoint Public School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Pleasant Dale School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Pleasant Point School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Pleasant Valley School -- Marion County (WV)
Point Comfort Public School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Post School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Powell School -- Marion County (WV)
Price Fork School (historical) -- Wetzel County (WV)
Pruntytown Elementary School -- Taylor County (WV)
Quiet Dell School -- Marion County (WV)
Randall School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Ridgedale Elementary School -- Monongalia County (WV)
River Run School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
River School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Riverside Elementary School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Rivesville Elementary-Middle School -- Marion County (WV)
Robinson School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Robinson School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Robinson School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Rock Union School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Rocky Branch School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Roosevelt-Wilson Junior High School -- Harrison County (WV)
Rush Run School (historical) -- Wetzel County (WV)
Saint Augustine School -- Taylor County (WV)
Saint Francis High School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Saint Francis School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Saint James School -- Harrison County (WV)
Saint Mary Central School -- Harrison County (WV)
Saint Marys Catholic School -- Harrison County (WV)
Saint Peters School -- Marion County (WV)
Salem College-Clarksburg Branch (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Sand Lick School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Sandhill School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Sardis High School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Sawyer School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
School Number 1 (historical) -- Monongalia County (WV)
Scottdale School (historical) -- Monongalia County (WV)
Second Ward Grade School (historical) -- Monongalia County (WV)
Second Ward School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Seneca School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Shaffer School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Shahan School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Shaw School -- Marion County (WV)
Shinn Run School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Simpson Elementary School -- Harrison County (WV)
Simpson High School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Smith School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Smith School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Snodgrass School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
South State Street School -- Marion County (WV)
Springer School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Star City Public School -- Monongalia County (WV)
State Road School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Sugar Grove School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Summit Park Elementary School -- Harrison County (WV)
Suncrest Flatts Junior High School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Suncrest Primary School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Tappan School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Taylor School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Tennant School (historical) -- Monongalia County (WV)
Terra Alta School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Thomas School (historical) -- Wetzel County (WV)
Towers School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Union School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Union School (historical) -- Monongalia County (WV)
University Senior High School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Upper Davisson Run School (historical) -- Harrison County (WV)
Upper Dents Run School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Upper Furbee School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Upper Plum Run School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Valley Bend School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Valley School (historical) -- Monongalia County (WV)
Victory High School -- Harrison County (WV)
Wadestown Elementary School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Waitman-Barbe Junior High School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Washington Irving High School -- Harrison County (WV)
Watson School -- Marion County (WV)
West Hill School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
West School -- Marion County (WV)
West Side School -- Taylor County (WV)
West Virginia Industrial School for Boys -- Taylor County (WV)
West Virginia University -- Monongalia County (WV)
West Virginia University Poultry Farm -- Monongalia County (WV)
Westover Elementary School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Westover Junior High School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Whetstone School -- Marion County (WV)
White Hall School -- Marion County (WV)
White Rock School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
White School (historical) -- Marion County (WV)
Wickwire School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Wiles Hill School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Wilson School (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Wilsonburg Elementary School -- Harrison County (WV)
Winfield School -- Marion County (WV)
Woodburn School -- Monongalia County (WV)
Zeising Junior High School -- Harrison County (WV)

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Building or group of buildings used as an institution for study, teaching, and learning (academy, college, high school, university).

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