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 Schools near Martinsburg, West Virginia (WV)  

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Martinsburg, WV
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193 schools found within 15 air miles of Martinsburg, WV
Note: Only the closest 30 schools are displayed on map.

Antietam School -- Washington County (MD)
Back Creek Valley Elementary School -- Berkeley County (WV)
Barretts School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
Beddington School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Berkeley Heights Elementary School -- Berkeley County (WV)
Berkeley Springs Junior-Senior High School -- Morgan County (WV)
Blairton School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Blue Ridge Elementary School -- Jefferson County (WV)
Bonds School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
Bransons School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
Broadway School -- Washington County (MD)
Browns School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
Brucetown School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
Bunker Hill Elementary School -- Berkeley County (WV)
Burke Street School -- Berkeley County (WV)
Burkhart School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
C W Shipley School -- Jefferson County (WV)
Cambridge School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Career Studies Center -- Washington County (MD)
Cedar Grove School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Cedar Grove School (historical) -- Washington County (MD)
Cedar Hill School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
Center Hill School (historical) -- Washington County (MD)
Chapel Woods School (historical) -- Washington County (MD)
Charles Town Junior High School -- Jefferson County (WV)
Cherry Run School (historical) -- Morgan County (WV)
Chestnut Grove School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
Chestnut Hill School (historical) -- Jefferson County (WV)
Claytons School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
Clear Spring Elementary School -- Washington County (MD)
Clear Spring High School -- Washington County (MD)
Clear Spring Middle School -- Washington County (MD)
Conococheague Elementary School -- Washington County (MD)
Darkesville School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Dellinger School (historical) -- Washington County (MD)
Douglas Grove School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Dry Run School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
E Russell Hicks Middle School -- Washington County (MD)
Eagle Avenue School (historical) -- Jefferson County (WV)
Eagle School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Eastern Panhandle Training Center -- Berkeley County (WV)
Elgin School (historical) -- Washington County (MD)
Emma K Doub Elementary School -- Washington County (MD)
Fairview Outdoor Education Center -- Washington County (MD)
Fairview School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Falling Waters School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Forest Hill School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Fountain Rock School -- Washington County (MD)
Fountaindale School -- Washington County (MD)
Friends School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
Funkstown Elementary School -- Washington County (MD)
Funkstown Public School (historical) -- Washington County (MD)
Georgetown School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Gerrardstown Elementary School -- Berkeley County (WV)
Grade School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Green Spring School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
Greensburg School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Greenwood School -- Morgan County (WV)
Greenwood School (historical) -- Morgan County (WV)
Halfway Public School (historical) -- Washington County (MD)
Harpers Ferry Junior High School -- Jefferson County (WV)
Hedgesville Elementary School -- Berkeley County (WV)
Hedgesville High School -- Berkeley County (WV)
Hedgesville Middle School -- Berkeley County (WV)
Heritage Academy -- Washington County (MD)
Hickory Elementary School -- Washington County (MD)
High Street Public School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Highland School -- Morgan County (WV)
Highland Valley School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
Hooge Street Public School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Hout School (historical) -- Clarke County (VA)
Howard School -- Washington County (MD)
Howards Chapel School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
Hunting Ridge School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
Huyettes Mennonite School -- Washington County (MD)
Inwood Primary School -- Berkeley County (WV)
James Rumsey Technical Institute -- Berkeley County (WV)
Jefferson High School -- Jefferson County (WV)
John Street Public School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Lanes School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Lincolnshire School -- Washington County (MD)
Little Mountain School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
Locust Grove School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Lodge School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
Lower Ridge School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
Maidstone School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Marlowe Elementary School -- Berkeley County (WV)
Marshall Street Education Center -- Washington County (MD)
Martinsburg Academy (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Martinsburg High School -- Berkeley County (WV)
Martinsburg High School Vocational Division -- Berkeley County (WV)
Martinsburg North Middle School -- Berkeley County (WV)
Martinsburg South Middle School -- Berkeley County (WV)
McCubin School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Mingo School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Mount Airy School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Mount Trimble School (historical) -- Morgan County (WV)
Mountain Grove School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Musselman High School -- Berkeley County (WV)
Musselman Middle School -- Berkeley County (WV)
New Haven School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
New Hope School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Newton School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Nipetown School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
North Berkeley Primary School -- Morgan County (WV)
North Hagerstown High School -- Washington County (MD)
North Jefferson School -- Jefferson County (WV)
North Potomac Junior High School -- Washington County (MD)
North Street Public School -- Washington County (MD)
Northern Middle School -- Washington County (MD)
Oak Grove School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Oakland School (historical) -- Morgan County (WV)
Old Stone School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
Opequon Elementary School -- Berkeley County (WV)
Page-Jackson Elementary School -- Jefferson County (WV)
Page-Jackson High School (historical) -- Jefferson County (WV)
Pangborn Boulevard Elementary School -- Washington County (MD)
Partlett School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
Pikeside Academic Learning Center -- Berkeley County (WV)
Pine Grove School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
Pine Orchard School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Piney Grove School (historical) -- Morgan County (WV)
Pleasant View School -- Morgan County (WV)
Potomac Heights Elementary School -- Washington County (MD)
Powhatan College for Young Women (historical) -- Jefferson County (WV)
Ramer Memorial School -- Berkeley County (WV)
Ranson Elementary School -- Jefferson County (WV)
Ranson Public School (historical) -- Jefferson County (WV)
Red Hill School -- Morgan County (WV)
Ridge School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Ridgeway School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Riverside School (historical) -- Jefferson County (WV)
Rocky Knoll Elementary School -- Berkeley County (WV)
Rosemont Elementary School -- Berkeley County (WV)
Saint James School -- Washington County (MD)
Saint Josephs Parish School -- Berkeley County (WV)
Saint Maria Goretti High School -- Washington County (MD)
Saint Marys School -- Washington County (MD)
Saint Peters School (historical) -- Jefferson County (WV)
Salem Avenue School -- Washington County (MD)
Scrabble School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Shanghai School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Sharpsburg Elementary School -- Washington County (MD)
Shepherd School (historical) -- Jefferson County (WV)
Shepherd University -- Jefferson County (WV)
Shepherdstown Elementary School -- Jefferson County (WV)
Shepherdstown Junior High School -- Jefferson County (WV)
Shirley School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
Silver Grove School (historical) -- Jefferson County (WV)
Smiths School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Smoketown School (historical) -- Washington County (MD)
South Hagerstown High School -- Washington County (MD)
South Jefferson School -- Jefferson County (WV)
South Potomac Junior High School -- Washington County (MD)
Spring Grove School (historical) -- Washington County (MD)
Springfield Middle School -- Washington County (MD)
Stonewall School -- Frederick County (VA)
Storer College (historical) -- Jefferson County (WV)
Sulphur Spring School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Sunnyside School (historical) -- Washington County (MD)
Surrey School -- Washington County (MD)
Sutton School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Swimley School (historical) -- Jefferson County (WV)
Sylvan Grove School (historical) -- Washington County (MD)
Sylvan Retreat School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Truth For Youth Grade School -- Washington County (MD)
Tuscarora School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Union Corner School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Upper Ridge School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
Valley View Elementary School -- Berkeley County (WV)
Van Meter School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Vanclevesville School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Walkers School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
Walnut Point School (historical) -- Washington County (MD)
Washington County Child Development Center -- Washington County (MD)
Washington School -- Washington County (MD)
Waters School (historical) -- Loudoun County (VA)
Welltown School (historical) -- Berkeley County (WV)
Welltown School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
West Virginia University Experimental Farm -- Jefferson County (WV)
Western Heights Middle School -- Washington County (MD)
White Hall School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
White Oak Forest School (historical) -- Washington County (MD)
Widmyer Elementary School -- Morgan County (WV)
Williamsport Elementary School -- Washington County (MD)
Williamsport High School -- Washington County (MD)
Wiltshire School (historical) -- Jefferson County (WV)
Winchester Avenue Elementary School -- Berkeley County (WV)
Winter School -- Washington County (MD)
Woburn School (historical) -- Washington County (MD)
Woodbine School (historical) -- Frederick County (VA)
Woodland Way Junior High School -- Washington County (MD)
Wright Denny Intermediate School -- Jefferson County (WV)

The current map displays schools found near Martinsburg. WV. A school is defined as follows:
Building or group of buildings used as an institution for study, teaching, and learning (academy, college, high school, university).

Location, name and other data presented on maps are obtained from the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS), developed by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names (BGN). GNIS contains name and locative information for almost 2 million physical and cultural features located throughout the United States and its Territories.

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