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 Places near Wood County Airport, West Virginia (WV)  

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251 places found within 15 air miles of Wood County Airport, WV
Note: Only the closest 30 places are displayed on map.

Alden -- Washington County (OH)
Archers Fork -- Washington County (OH)
Arlington Heights (subdivision) -- Washington County (OH)
Armenia (historical) -- Washington County (OH)
Ashby Ridge Estates -- Wood County (WV)
Balderson (historical) -- Wood County (WV)
Barlow -- Washington County (OH)
Beechwood -- Wood County (WV)
Belmont -- Pleasants County (WV)
Belpre -- Washington County (OH)
Bevan -- Washington County (OH)
Beverly -- Washington County (OH)
Bickel Estates -- Wood County (WV)
Binola (historical) -- Wood County (WV)
Blennerhassett -- Wood County (WV)
Blennerhassett Heights -- Wood County (WV)
Blennerhassett Island View Addition -- Wood County (WV)
Blennerhassett View -- Washington County (OH)
Boaz -- Wood County (WV)
Bonn -- Washington County (OH)
Bonnivale -- Wood County (WV)
Boreman -- Wood County (WV)
Borland -- Pleasants County (WV)
Brierwood -- Wood County (WV)
Briscoe -- Wood County (WV)
Broadmoor Addition -- Wood County (WV)
Buells (historical) -- Washington County (OH)
Calcutta -- Pleasants County (WV)
Carter (historical) -- Washington County (OH)
Caywood -- Washington County (OH)
Cedar Grove -- Wood County (WV)
Central -- Wood County (WV)
Chesterville -- Wood County (WV)
Churchtown -- Washington County (OH)
Clifton -- Washington County (OH)
Cluster -- Pleasants County (WV)
Community Acres -- Wood County (WV)
Constitution -- Washington County (OH)
Cool Springs -- Wood County (WV)
Corbin (historical) -- Wood County (WV)
Corner -- Washington County (OH)
Cornerville -- Washington County (OH)
Cow Run -- Washington County (OH)
Creels -- Wood County (WV)
Crestview Park (subdivision) -- Wood County (WV)
Crystal Spring Lake -- Wood County (WV)
Dallison -- Wood County (WV)
Dart -- Washington County (OH)
Davisville -- Wood County (WV)
DeLong -- Pleasants County (WV)
DeMoor Subdivision -- Wood County (WV)
Deerwalk -- Wood County (WV)
Delaney (historical) -- Wood County (WV)
Dell -- Washington County (OH)
Deucher -- Washington County (OH)
Devola -- Washington County (OH)
Dombey (historical) -- Wood County (WV)
Doyle -- Wood County (WV)
Dunham -- Washington County (OH)
Dupont Manor -- Wood County (WV)
East Norwood -- Washington County (OH)
Eastwood Addition -- Wood County (WV)
Eaton -- Wood County (WV)
Eli -- Wood County (WV)
Elmwood Heights -- Wood County (WV)
Emerson (subdivision) -- Washington County (OH)
Emerson Heights (subdivision) -- Washington County (OH)
Equity -- Washington County (OH)
Eureka -- Pleasants County (WV)
Evandale Terrace -- Wood County (WV)
Fairview Acres -- Wood County (WV)
Fairview Heights (subdivision) -- Washington County (OH)
Fairview Heights (subdivision) -- Wood County (WV)
Fairway Acres (subdivision) -- Wood County (WV)
Fay -- Washington County (OH)
Fleming -- Washington County (OH)
Forest Hills (subdivision) -- Wood County (WV)
Fountain Spring -- Wood County (WV)
Freeport -- Wirt County (WV)
Friendly Acres (subdivision) -- Washington County (OH)
Gasville -- Washington County (OH)
Glenbrook (subdivision) -- Wood County (WV)
Gracey -- Washington County (OH)
Grand View (subdivision) -- Washington County (OH)
Grape Island -- Pleasants County (WV)
Green Meadows Addition -- Wood County (WV)
Green Run -- Pleasants County (WV)
Greenbrier Addition -- Wood County (WV)
Greencastle -- Wirt County (WV)
Hanna -- Wood County (WV)
Harmar -- Washington County (OH)
Heslop -- Washington County (OH)
Hillcrest -- Wood County (WV)
Hills -- Washington County (OH)
Hohman -- Washington County (OH)
Horseneck -- Pleasants County (WV)
Hughs Subdivision -- Wood County (WV)
Kanawha -- Wood County (WV)
Larkmead -- Wood County (WV)
Lauckport -- Wood County (WV)
Laurel Junction (historical) -- Ritchie County (WV)
Leachtown -- Wood County (WV)
Liberty Hills -- Wood County (WV)
Lincolnshire -- Wood County (WV)
Little Hocking -- Washington County (OH)
Locust Fork -- Washington County (OH)
Lone Valley -- Ritchie County (WV)
Longvue (subdivision) -- Washington County (OH)
Lowell -- Washington County (OH)
Lower Newport -- Washington County (OH)
Lower Salem -- Washington County (OH)
Lubeck -- Wood County (WV)
Lubeck Hills -- Wood County (WV)
Lucky (historical) -- Wood County (WV)
Marietta -- Washington County (OH)
Marrtown -- Wood County (WV)
McAvan -- Washington County (OH)
McPherson Addition -- Wood County (WV)
Melrose Addition -- Wood County (WV)
Mineral Acres -- Wood County (WV)
Mineralwells -- Wood County (WV)
Moore Junction -- Washington County (OH)
Morningside (subdivision) -- Washington County (OH)
Moss Run -- Washington County (OH)
Mount Carmel -- Wood County (WV)
Mount Everett (subdivision) -- Washington County (OH)
Mount Pleasant Estates -- Wood County (WV)
Murphy -- Washington County (OH)
Murphytown -- Wood County (WV)
Muskingum (historical) -- Washington County (OH)
Muskingum Terrace (subdivision) -- Washington County (OH)
Mustang Acres -- Wood County (WV)
Napier -- Washington County (OH)
New England -- Wood County (WV)
New England Heights Addition -- Wood County (WV)
Newell Run -- Washington County (OH)
Newlandsville -- Pleasants County (WV)
Newport -- Wood County (WV)
Newport -- Washington County (OH)
Nicolette -- Wood County (WV)
North Hills -- Wood County (WV)
North Hills (subdivision) -- Washington County (OH)
North Parkersburg -- Wood County (WV)
Northwood Villa Estates -- Wood County (WV)
Norwood -- Washington County (OH)
Nutter Farm -- Ritchie County (WV)
Oak (historical) -- Wood County (WV)
Oak Acres -- Wood County (WV)
Oak Grove -- Washington County (OH)
Oakbrook -- Wood County (WV)
Oakwood Estates -- Wood County (WV)
Oakwood Park (subdivision) -- Washington County (OH)
Ogden -- Wood County (WV)
Oil Spring -- Ritchie County (WV)
Parish-Morris Subdivision -- Wood County (WV)
Parkers Towne -- Wood County (WV)
Parkersburg -- Wood County (WV)
Parmeta Crest -- Wood County (WV)
Petroleum -- Ritchie County (WV)
Pettyville -- Wood County (WV)
Pinehurst -- Washington County (OH)
Pleasant Hill -- Wood County (WV)
Pleasant View -- Wood County (WV)
Pleasants -- Pleasants County (WV)
Pohick -- Wood County (WV)
Polandale -- Wood County (WV)
Ponderosa -- Wood County (WV)
Porterfield -- Washington County (OH)
Putnam Place (subdivision) -- Washington County (OH)
Racy -- Ritchie County (WV)
Rainbow -- Washington County (OH)
Rathbone -- Washington County (OH)
Rathbone Heights (subdivision) -- Washington County (OH)
Red Hill -- Wood County (WV)
Redbush -- Washington County (OH)
Remus (historical) -- Wood County (WV)
Reno -- Washington County (OH)
Riverdale (subdivision) -- Washington County (OH)
Riverside -- Wood County (WV)
Riverside -- Ritchie County (WV)
Riverview -- Washington County (OH)
Rockland -- Washington County (OH)
Rolling Hills -- Wood County (WV)
Ruraldale (subdivision) -- Washington County (OH)
Rusk -- Ritchie County (WV)
Rutherford -- Ritchie County (WV)
Saint Marys -- Pleasants County (WV)
Sand Hill -- Wood County (WV)
Sandhill -- Washington County (OH)
Sandhill -- Ritchie County (WV)
Scenic Hills -- Wood County (WV)
Schley -- Washington County (OH)
Schultz -- Pleasants County (WV)
Scott (historical) -- Wood County (WV)
Shay -- Washington County (OH)
Sitka -- Washington County (OH)
Slate -- Wood County (WV)
Society Hill Acres -- Wood County (WV)
Somervilla -- Wood County (WV)
South Hills Estates (subdivision) -- Wood County (WV)
South Parkersburg -- Wood County (WV)
Southmoor Heights (subdivision) -- Wood County (WV)
Spring Run -- Pleasants County (WV)
Springdale -- Washington County (OH)
Stanleyville -- Washington County (OH)
Steel Run -- Washington County (OH)
Stewart -- Wood County (WV)
Summit -- Wood County (WV)
Sunrise -- Wood County (WV)
Sunset Heights -- Wood County (WV)
Swift -- Washington County (OH)
Tallmans -- Wood County (WV)
Tallyho -- Wood County (WV)
Tavennersville -- Wood County (WV)
Tick Ridge -- Washington County (OH)
Tyner (historical) -- Wood County (WV)
Unionville -- Washington County (OH)
Upper Lowell -- Washington County (OH)
Valley Manor Addition -- Wood County (WV)
Valley Mills -- Wood County (WV)
Valley View Acres -- Wood County (WV)
Vaucluse -- Pleasants County (WV)
Veto -- Washington County (OH)
Vienna -- Wood County (WV)
Vincent -- Washington County (OH)
Wade -- Washington County (OH)
Wadeville -- Wood County (WV)
Wakefield -- Wood County (WV)
Walker -- Wood County (WV)
Walkers Crossing (historical) -- Wood County (WV)
Washington -- Wood County (WV)
Washington Gardens -- Wood County (WV)
Waterford -- Washington County (OH)
Watertown -- Washington County (OH)
Waverly -- Wood County (WV)
Weekleys (historical) -- Wood County (WV)
Wells Subdivision -- Wood County (WV)
Wellsley -- Wood County (WV)
West Marietta -- Washington County (OH)
Western Hills (subdivision) -- Washington County (OH)
Westview (subdivision) -- Washington County (OH)
Whipple -- Washington County (OH)
Williamstown -- Wood County (WV)
Willow Island -- Pleasants County (WV)
Winding Road Addition -- Wood County (WV)
Windsor Estates -- Wood County (WV)
Wingett Run -- Washington County (OH)
Woodland Heights (subdivision) -- Wood County (WV)
Woodland Park -- Wood County (WV)
Worthington Meadows -- Wood County (WV)
Yankeeburg -- Washington County (OH)

The current map displays ppls found near Wood County Airport. WV. A ppl is defined as follows:
Populated place, a place or area with clustered or scattered buildings and a permanent human population (city, settlement, town, village).

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