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 Places near Point Pleasant Church, West Virginia (WV)  

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212 places found within 15 air miles of Point Pleasant Church, WV
Note: Only the closest 30 places are displayed on map.

Aberdeen -- Lewis County (WV)
Adaland -- Barbour County (WV)
Adamston -- Harrison County (WV)
Adamsville -- Harrison County (WV)
Adma (historical) -- Barbour County (WV)
Allied -- Harrison County (WV)
Alston (subdivision) -- Barbour County (WV)
Anmoore -- Harrison County (WV)
Arbutus Park -- Harrison County (WV)
Arden -- Barbour County (WV)
Arlington -- Harrison County (WV)
Astor -- Taylor County (WV)
Audra -- Barbour County (WV)
Bear Mountain -- Barbour County (WV)
Belgium -- Taylor County (WV)
Belington -- Barbour County (WV)
Berlin -- Lewis County (WV)
Berryburg -- Barbour County (WV)
Berryburg Junction -- Barbour County (WV)
Bethlehem -- Harrison County (WV)
Blueville -- Taylor County (WV)
Boothsville -- Marion County (WV)
Boulder -- Barbour County (WV)
Boylen (historical) -- Barbour County (WV)
Bridgeport -- Harrison County (WV)
Brittain (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Broad Oaks -- Harrison County (WV)
Brownlow -- Taylor County (WV)
Brownton -- Barbour County (WV)
Brydon -- Taylor County (WV)
Buckhannon -- Upshur County (WV)
Calhoun -- Barbour County (WV)
Cambria -- Harrison County (WV)
Carrollton -- Barbour County (WV)
Cecil -- Taylor County (WV)
Center Branch -- Harrison County (WV)
Century -- Barbour County (WV)
Century Junction -- Barbour County (WV)
Chestnut Hills (subdivision) -- Harrison County (WV)
Clarksburg -- Harrison County (WV)
Claude -- Preston County (WV)
Clements (historical) -- Barbour County (WV)
Clemtown -- Barbour County (WV)
Colebank -- Preston County (WV)
Concord -- Preston County (WV)
Cook Mine -- Harrison County (WV)
Corder Crossing -- Barbour County (WV)
Corley -- Barbour County (WV)
Courtright -- Harrison County (WV)
Cove Run -- Barbour County (WV)
Cove Run Station (historical) -- Barbour County (WV)
Craigmoor -- Harrison County (WV)
Custer Addition -- Harrison County (WV)
Dantown (historical) -- Barbour County (WV)
Dartmoor -- Barbour County (WV)
Dawmont -- Harrison County (WV)
Dent -- Barbour County (WV)
Despard -- Harrison County (WV)
Dixie -- Harrison County (WV)
East View -- Harrison County (WV)
Eby -- Taylor County (WV)
Edgewood -- Harrison County (WV)
Eldora -- Marion County (WV)
Elk City -- Barbour County (WV)
Elliotsville -- Taylor County (WV)
Enterprise -- Harrison County (WV)
Erie -- Harrison County (WV)
Evansville -- Preston County (WV)
Farnum -- Harrison County (WV)
Fellowsville -- Preston County (WV)
Fetterman -- Taylor County (WV)
Five Forks -- Upshur County (WV)
Flemington -- Taylor County (WV)
Flora (historical) -- Barbour County (WV)
Fox Hall (historical) -- Barbour County (WV)
Francis -- Harrison County (WV)
Galloway -- Barbour County (WV)
Glen Elk -- Harrison County (WV)
Glen Falls -- Harrison County (WV)
Gore -- Harrison County (WV)
Grafton -- Taylor County (WV)
Gypsy -- Harrison County (WV)
Hammond -- Marion County (WV)
Hardman -- Taylor County (WV)
Haywood -- Harrison County (WV)
Heavner (historical) -- Upshur County (WV)
Hebron -- Marion County (WV)
Hepzibah -- Taylor County (WV)
Hepzibah -- Harrison County (WV)
Hiorra -- Preston County (WV)
Hiram -- Preston County (WV)
Hodgesville -- Upshur County (WV)
Hopewell -- Barbour County (WV)
Huffman (historical) -- Barbour County (WV)
Independence -- Barbour County (WV)
Independence -- Preston County (WV)
Industrial -- Harrison County (WV)
Irontown -- Taylor County (WV)
Johnstown -- Harrison County (WV)
Jones -- Barbour County (WV)
Kalamazoo -- Barbour County (WV)
Kasson -- Barbour County (WV)
Kesling Mill -- Upshur County (WV)
Killarm -- Marion County (WV)
Kirt -- Barbour County (WV)
Knottsville -- Taylor County (WV)
Lake Ridge -- Harrison County (WV)
Laura Lee Mine -- Harrison County (WV)
Lehigh (historical) -- Barbour County (WV)
Lesmalinston -- Taylor County (WV)
Lillian (historical) -- Barbour County (WV)
Lodgeville -- Harrison County (WV)
Loftis (historical) -- Barbour County (WV)
Longview -- Barbour County (WV)
Lorentz -- Upshur County (WV)
Lost Creek -- Harrison County (WV)
Lucretia -- Taylor County (WV)
Lumberport -- Harrison County (WV)
Mansfield -- Barbour County (WV)
Maple Lake -- Harrison County (WV)
Maple Run -- Taylor County (WV)
Marquess -- Preston County (WV)
McAlpin -- Harrison County (WV)
McGee -- Taylor County (WV)
McLean (historical) -- Barbour County (WV)
Meadland -- Taylor County (WV)
Meadowbrook -- Harrison County (WV)
Meadowville -- Barbour County (WV)
Meriden -- Barbour County (WV)
Middle Fork -- Barbour County (WV)
Middleville -- Taylor County (WV)
Midlan (historical) -- Barbour County (WV)
Millertown -- Taylor County (WV)
Moatsville -- Barbour County (WV)
Montpelier -- Harrison County (WV)
Mount Liberty -- Barbour County (WV)
Murphy -- Barbour County (WV)
Nestorville -- Barbour County (WV)
New Moatsville (historical) -- Barbour County (WV)
Newburg -- Preston County (WV)
North View -- Harrison County (WV)
Nutter Fort -- Harrison County (WV)
O'Brien (historical) -- Barbour County (WV)
Oral Lake -- Harrison County (WV)
Oreide -- Taylor County (WV)
Overfield -- Barbour County (WV)
Owings -- Harrison County (WV)
Park View -- Taylor County (WV)
Pecks Run -- Upshur County (WV)
Peeltree -- Barbour County (WV)
Peora -- Harrison County (WV)
Pepper -- Barbour County (WV)
Philippi -- Barbour County (WV)
Pine Bluff -- Harrison County (WV)
Pleasant Creek (historical) -- Barbour County (WV)
Pleasure Valley -- Barbour County (WV)
Powell -- Marion County (WV)
Prospect Valley -- Harrison County (WV)
Pruntytown -- Taylor County (WV)
Quiet Dell -- Harrison County (WV)
Red Rock -- Upshur County (WV)
Rider -- Harrison County (WV)
Rockford -- Harrison County (WV)
Romines Mills -- Harrison County (WV)
Rosemont -- Taylor County (WV)
Ruraldale -- Upshur County (WV)
Ryanville -- Harrison County (WV)
Saltwell -- Harrison County (WV)
Sandy (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Santiago -- Taylor County (WV)
Scotch Hill -- Preston County (WV)
Seminole -- Harrison County (WV)
Shinnston -- Harrison County (WV)
Simons (historical) -- Barbour County (WV)
Simpson -- Taylor County (WV)
Sinclair -- Preston County (WV)
Smith Crossing -- Randolph County (WV)
South Grafton -- Taylor County (WV)
Spelter -- Harrison County (WV)
Spring Hill Chapel -- Harrison County (WV)
Stealey -- Harrison County (WV)
Stone House (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Stonewood -- Harrison County (WV)
Stringtown -- Barbour County (WV)
Summit Park -- Harrison County (WV)
Swamp Run -- Upshur County (WV)
Tacy -- Barbour County (WV)
Tappan -- Taylor County (WV)
Teter -- Upshur County (WV)
Thornton -- Taylor County (WV)
Tygart Glen (subdivision) -- Barbour County (WV)
Tygart Junction -- Barbour County (WV)
Union -- Barbour County (WV)
Valley Bend -- Barbour County (WV)
Valley Falls -- Marion County (WV)
Valley Furnace -- Barbour County (WV)
Vannoys Mill -- Barbour County (WV)
Victoria -- Preston County (WV)
Viropa -- Harrison County (WV)
Volga -- Barbour County (WV)
Webster -- Taylor County (WV)
Wellington Heights -- Barbour County (WV)
Wendel -- Taylor County (WV)
Werner -- Barbour County (WV)
West Grafton -- Taylor County (WV)
Westerman (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
White Oak -- Upshur County (WV)
Whitehall -- Marion County (WV)
Willard -- Harrison County (WV)
Wilmoth (historical) -- Barbour County (WV)
Winona (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)
Yates (historical) -- Taylor County (WV)

The current map displays ppls found near Point Pleasant Church. WV. A ppl is defined as follows:
Populated place, a place or area with clustered or scattered buildings and a permanent human population (city, settlement, town, village).

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