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 Churches near Oak Grove Church, Kentucky (KY)  

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118 churches found within 15 air miles of Oak Grove Church, KY
Note: Only the closest 30 churches are displayed on map.

Antioch Church -- Adair County (KY)
Antioch Church -- Casey County (KY)
Asbury Church -- Taylor County (KY)
Athens Church -- Casey County (KY)
Baise Chapel -- Cumberland County (KY)
Baldock Chapel -- Casey County (KY)
Barnett Creek Church -- Adair County (KY)
Bearwallow Church -- Adair County (KY)
Beckham Ridge Church -- Russell County (KY)
Bells Chapel -- Russell County (KY)
Bernard Church -- Russell County (KY)
Bethany Chapel -- Adair County (KY)
Bethany Church -- Casey County (KY)
Bethel Church -- Russell County (KY)
Bethlehem Church -- Russell County (KY)
Beulah Chapel -- Adair County (KY)
Bloomington Chapel -- Adair County (KY)
Bruce Chapel -- Casey County (KY)
Cabell Church -- Wayne County (KY)
Caldwell Church -- Adair County (KY)
Canaan Valley Church -- Casey County (KY)
Cane Valley Church -- Adair County (KY)
Cane Valley Church -- Adair County (KY)
Cedar Grove Church -- Russell County (KY)
Cedar Springs Church -- Russell County (KY)
Charity Church -- Adair County (KY)
Clear Fork Church -- Russell County (KY)
Clear Spring Church -- Adair County (KY)
Clear Spring Church -- Russell County (KY)
Concord Church -- Russell County (KY)
Concord Church -- Adair County (KY)
Egypt Church -- Adair County (KY)
Fair View Church -- Russell County (KY)
Fairview Church -- Russell County (KY)
Fairview Church -- Adair County (KY)
Faith Temple Church -- Russell County (KY)
Free Union Church -- Adair County (KY)
Freedom Separater Church -- Adair County (KY)
French Valley Church -- Russell County (KY)
Friendship Church -- Russell County (KY)
Goffey Hill Friendship Church -- Russell County (KY)
Good Tidings Church -- Russell County (KY)
Gradyville Church -- Adair County (KY)
Grassy Springs Church -- Adair County (KY)
Green River Valley Church -- Casey County (KY)
Grider Chapel -- Russell County (KY)
Harrods Fork Church -- Adair County (KY)
Hayes Chapel -- Russell County (KY)
Highway Mission -- Russell County (KY)
Highway Mission -- Russell County (KY)
Hogard Church -- Adair County (KY)
Hopewell Church -- Adair County (KY)
Hutchison Church -- Adair County (KY)
Jenny Chapel -- Casey County (KY)
Jones Chapel -- Adair County (KY)
Lake Valley Church -- Russell County (KY)
Lakeview Church -- Wayne County (KY)
Lemon Bend Church -- Taylor County (KY)
Liberty Church -- Russell County (KY)
Little Cake Church -- Adair County (KY)
Locust Grove Church -- Casey County (KY)
Lovedale Church -- Adair County (KY)
Miller Chapel -- Green County (KY)
Millerfield Church -- Adair County (KY)
Milltown Church -- Adair County (KY)
Mount Calvary Church -- Russell County (KY)
Mount Eden Church -- Russell County (KY)
Mount Hope Church -- Russell County (KY)
Mount Hope Church -- Wayne County (KY)
Mount Pleasant Church -- Russell County (KY)
Mount Pleasant Church -- Adair County (KY)
Mount Pleasant Church -- Wayne County (KY)
Mount Vernon Church -- Russell County (KY)
Mount Vernon Church -- Adair County (KY)
New Bethel Church -- Wayne County (KY)
New Concord Church -- Adair County (KY)
New Friendship Church -- Russell County (KY)
New Hope Church -- Adair County (KY)
New Pleasant Point Church -- Pulaski County (KY)
New Zion Church -- Adair County (KY)
Oak Grove Church -- Russell County (KY)
Oak Grove Church -- Casey County (KY)
Parks Ridge Church -- Russell County (KY)
Parmleys Grove Church -- Wayne County (KY)
Parnell Church -- Wayne County (KY)
Parrish Chapel -- Cumberland County (KY)
Pierce Chapel -- Adair County (KY)
Pine Grove Church -- Russell County (KY)
Pinetop Church -- Russell County (KY)
Pleasant Grove Church -- Adair County (KY)
Pleasant Hill Church -- Adair County (KY)
Pleasant Hill Church -- Russell County (KY)
Pleasant View Church -- Adair County (KY)
Plum Point Church -- Adair County (KY)
Poplar Grove Church -- Russell County (KY)
Rifle Creek Church -- Casey County (KY)
Robinson Chapel -- Adair County (KY)
Rockhouse Church -- Cumberland County (KY)
Salem Church -- Cumberland County (KY)
Santa Fee Church -- Adair County (KY)
Scotts Church -- Russell County (KY)
Shady Grove Church -- Adair County (KY)
Shiloh Church -- Adair County (KY)
Smith Chapel -- Adair County (KY)
South Fork Church -- Casey County (KY)
Spark Chapel -- Cumberland County (KY)
Square Oak Church -- Russell County (KY)
Sulphur Spring Church -- Adair County (KY)
Tabernacle Church -- Adair County (KY)
Temple Hill Church -- Russell County (KY)
Terry Chapel -- Cumberland County (KY)
Thomas Ridge Church -- Casey County (KY)
Union Church -- Adair County (KY)
Union Church -- Russell County (KY)
Welfare Church -- Russell County (KY)
White Oak Church -- Adair County (KY)
Whites Chapel -- Russell County (KY)
Zion Church -- Adair County (KY)

The current map displays churchs found near Oak Grove Church. KY. A church is defined as follows:
Building used for religious worship (chapel, mosque, synagogue, tabernacle, temple).

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